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By now, you’ve probably heard that Tom Brokaw will be speaking at Loyola’s spring commencement. In anticipation of graduation, below are some vintage photographs from the Loyola University Photographs Collection of graduations past. Graduation will take place Saturday May 11, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome at 9:45 am.

Blog post by Kristen Blomeyer, Special Collections work-study student and Social Media and Outreach Intern.

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

New Book List

Newly Cataloged Materials in the Monroe Library

Dec. 2012-March 2013

McCandless, David.

The visual miscellaneum : a colorful guide to the world’s most

consequential trivia / David McCandless.

New York : Collins Design, c2009.

AG195 .M33 2009

Kroker, Arthur, 1945-

Body drift : Butler, Hayles, Haraway / Arthur Kroker.

B105 .B64 K76 2012

Prinz, Jesse J.

The conscious brain : how attention engenders experience / Jesse J. Prinz.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.

B105 .C477 P75 2012

Vernon, Richard, 1945-

Historical redress : must we pay for the past? / Richard Vernon.

London ; New York : Continuum, [2012], *2012.

B105 .J87 V47 2012

Tyrrell, William Blake.

The sacrifice of Socrates : Athens, Plato, Girard / Wm. Blake Tyrrell.

B316 .T97 2012

Adamson, Peter, 1972-

The philosophical works of Al-Kind*i / Peter Adamson and Peter E. Pormann.

B753 .K54 A535 2012

Rustom, Mohammed.

The triumph of mercy : philosophy and scripture in Mull*a *Sadr*a /

Mohammed Rustom.

Albany : State University of New York Press, c2012.

B753 .M84 R87 2012

McCumber, John,

On philosophy : notes from a crisis / John McCumber.

B791 .M44 2013

Israel, Jonathan I. (Jonathan Irvine), 1946-

Democratic enlightenment : philosophy, revolution, and human rights

1750-1790 / Jonathan I. Israel.

New York : Oxford University Press, 2011.

B802 .I87 2011

Barthes, Roland.

How to live together : novelistic simulations of some everyday spaces /

Roland Barthes ; translated by Kate Briggs.

New York : Columbia University Press, c2013.

B804 .B36513 2013

Lawlor, Leonard, 1954-

Early twentieth-century Continental philosophy / Leonard Lawlor.

Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2012.

B804 .L35 2012

Fuery, Patrick, 1957-

Cultural studies and critical theory / Patrick Fuery and Nick Mansfield.

Melbourne, Australia ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.

B809.3 .F84 2000

Wolfe, Cary.

What is posthumanism? / Cary Wolfe.

Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2010.

B821 .W65 2010

Leinsle, Ulrich Gottfried.

Introduction to scholastic theology / Ulrich G. Leinsle ; Translated by

Michael J. Miller.

Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, c2010.

B839 .L4513 2010

Becker, Edward F.

The themes of Quine’s philosophy : meaning, reference, and knowledge /

Edward F. Becker.

B945 .Q54 B43 2012

LoLordo, Antonia, 1972-

Locke’s moral man / Antonia LoLordo.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

B1298 .E74 L65 2012

Kruks, Sonia.

Simone de Beauvoir and the politics of ambiguity / Sonia Kruks.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.

B2430 .B344 K78 2012

The Cambridge companion to Deleuze / edited by Daniel W. Smith and Henry


Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c2012.

B2430 .D454 C33 2012

Justaert, Kristien,

Theology after Deleuze / Kristien Justaert.

London : Continuum, [2012], *2012.

B2430 .D454 J87 2012

Lambert, Gregg, 1961-

In search of a new image of thought : Gilles Deleuze and philosophical

expressionism / Gregg Lambert.

Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2012.

B2430 .D454 L34 2012

Simpson, Christopher Ben, 1973-

Deleuze and theology / Christopher Ben Simpson.

London ; New York : Bloomsbury : T & T Clark, 2012.

B2430 .D454 S567 2012

Martin, Andrew, 1952-

The boxer and the goalkeeper : Sartre vs Camus / Andy Martin.

London ; New York : Simon & Schuster, 2012.

B2430 .S34 M378 2012

Meillassoux, Quentin, 1967-

After finitude : an essay on the necessity of contingency / Quentin

Meillassoux ; translated by Ray Brassier.

London ; New York : Continuum, c2008.

B2433 .M453 A6713 2008

Harman, Graham, 1968-

Quentin Meillassoux : philosophy in the making / Graham Harman.

B2433 .M454 H37 2011

Allison, Henry E.

Essays on Kant / Henry E. Allison.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

B2798 .A6324 2012

Boucher, Geoff, 1967-

Adorno reframed : interpreting key thinkers for the arts / Geoffrey


London, U.K. ; New York, NY : I.B. Tauris, 2012.

B3199 .A34 B683 2012

Harman, Graham, 1968-

The quadruple object / Graham Harman.

Winchester, U.K. ; Washington [D.C.] : Zero Books, c2011.

B3279 .H49 H276 2011

Harman, Graham, 1968-

Towards speculative realism : essays and lectures / Graham Harman.

Winchester, UK : Zero Books, 2010.

B3279 .H49 H28 2010

New waves in philosophical logic / edited by Greg Restall and Gillian


Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

BC50 .N49 2012

Mumford, Stephen.

Metaphysics : a very short introduction / Stephen Mumford.

Oxford, UK : Oxford University Press, 2012.

BD131 .M86 2012

Evans, Ian.

Knowledge / Ian Evans and Nicholas D. Smith.

Cambridge, UK ; Malden, MA : Polity, 2012.

BD161 .E83 2012

Lyons, Jack C.

Perception and basic beliefs : zombies, modules, and the problem of the

external world / Jack C. Lyons.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.

BD161 .L96 2009

Pritchard, Duncan.

Epistemological disjunctivism / Duncan Pritchard.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

BD161 .P75 2012

Tyler, Tom, 1968-

Ciferae : a bestiary in five fingers / Tom Tyler.

Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2012.

BD161 .T95 2012

Littlejohn, Clayton.

Justification and the truth-connection / Clayton Littlejohn.

Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.

BD212 .L58 2012

Lloyd, G. E. R. (Geoffrey Ernest Richard), 1933-

Being, humanity, and understanding : studies in ancient and modern

societies / G.E.R. Lloyd.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

BD331 .L66 2012

Bryant, Levi R.

The democracy of objects / Levi R. Bryant.

Ann Arbor : Open Humanities Press, 2011.

BD336 .B79 2011

Gumpert, Matthew.

The end of meaning : studies in catastrophe / by Matthew Gumpert.

Newcastle : Cambridge Scholars, 2012.

BD375 .G86 2012

Brand, Roy.

LoveKnowledge : the life of philosophy from Socrates to Derrida / Roy


New York : Columbia University Press, c2013.

BD431 .B7455 2013

Brueckner, Anthony, 1953-

Debating self-knowledge / Anthony Brueckner, Gary Ebbs.

New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.

BD438.5 .B78 2012

Aristarkhova, I. (Irina)

Hospitality of the matrix : philosophy, biomedicine, and culture / Irina


New York : Columbia University Press, c2012.

BD443 .A75 2012

Dastur, Fran*coise, 1942-

How are we to confront death? : an introduction to philosophy / Fran*coise

Dastur ; translated by Robert Vallier ; foreword by David Farrell Krell.

New York : Fordham University Press, 2012.

BD444 .D32813 2012

Brace, Nicola.

SPSS for psychologists / Nicola Brace, Richard Kemp, Rosemary Snelgar.

New York : Psychology Press, 2013.

BF39 .B73 2013

Detweiler-Bedell, Jerusha Beth.

Doing collaborative research in psychology : a team-based guide / foreword

by Philip Zimbardo ; Jerusha B. Detweiler-Bedell, Brian Detweiler-Bedell.

Thousand Oaks : SAGE, c2013.

BF76.5 .D43 2013

Neff, Kelly S.

Teaching psychology online : tips and strategies for success / Kelly S.

Neff, Stewart I. Donaldson.

New York : Psychology Press, 2013.

BF77 .N44 2013

Prinz, Jesse J.

Beyond human nature : how culture and experience shape the human mind /

Jesse J. Prinz.

New York, NY : W.W. Norton, 2012.

BF161 .P745 2012

Living in an environmentally traumatized world : healing ourselves and our

planet / Darlyne G. Nemeth, Robert B. Hamilton, and Judy Kuriansky,


Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, c2012.

BF353.5 .C55 L58 2012

Fisher, Andy, 1963-

Radical ecopsychology : psychology in the service of life / Andy Fisher ;

foreword by David Abram.

Albany : SUNY Press, c2013.

BF353.5 .N37 F57 2013

Collins, Loren, 1978-

Bullspotting : finding facts in the age of misinformation / Loren Collins.

Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2012.

BF441 .C565 2012

Andr*e, Christophe.

Feelings and moods / Christophe Andr*e ; translated by Helen Morrison.

Cambridge, UK ; Malden, Ma : Polity, 2012.

BF532 .A53713 2012

Nolen-Hoeksema, Susan, 1959-2013.

Coping with loss / Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Judith Larson.

Mahwah, N.J. : Erlbaum, 1999.

BF575 .D35 N65 1999

Counseling across the cultural divide : the Clemmont E. Vontress reader /

edited by Roy Moodley, Lawrence Epp & Humair Yusuf.

Ross-on-Wye : PCCS Books, 2012.

BF636.7 .C76 2012

Hanlon, Niall.

Masculinities, care and equality : identity and nurture in men’s lives /

Niall Hanlon.

Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

BF692.5 .H36 2012

Rudolph, Jennifer Domino, 1973-

Embodying Latino masculinities : producing masculatinidad / Jennifer

Domino Rudolph.

New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

BF692.5 .R78 2012

Values, religion, and culture in adolescent development / edited by Gisela

Trommsdorff, Xinyin Chen.

New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2012.

BF724 .V35 2012

Luxmoore, Nick, 1956-

Young people, death, and the unfairness of everything / Nick Luxmoore.

London ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012.

BF724.3 .D43 L89 2012

Nature, aesthetics, and environmentalism : from beauty to duty / edited by

Allen Carlson and Sheila Lintott.

New York : Columbia University Press, c2008.

BH301 .E58 N38 2008

Neu, Jerome.

On loving our enemies : essays in moral psychology / Jerome Neu.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.

BJ45 .N396 2012

Kirchin, Simon.

Metaethics / Simon Kirchin.

New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

BJ1012 .K48 2012

Williams, Bernard Arthur Owen.

Morality : an introduction to ethics / Bernard Williams.

New York, Cambridge University Press, c1972 (2012 printing).

BJ1012 .W535 2012

Gendering Christian ethics / edited by Jenny Daggers.

BJ1278 .F45 G454 2012

Godfrey, Joseph J. (Joseph John), 1938-

Trust of people, words, and God : a route for philosophy of religion /

Joseph J. Godfrey.

Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, 2012.

BJ1500 .T78 G63 2012

What matters? : ethnographies of value in a not so secular age / edited by

Courtney Bender and Ann Taves.

New York : Columbia University Press, c2012.

BJ1531 .W44 2012

Ariely, Dan.

The (honest) truth about dishonesty : how we lie to everyone, especially

ourselves / by Dan Ariely.

London : HarperCollins, 2012.

BJ1533 .H7 A75 2012

Barilan, Yechiel Michael, 1966-

Human dignity, human rights, and responsibility : the new language of

global bioethics and biolaw / Yechiel Michael Barilan.

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2012.

BJ1533 .R42 B37 2012

Van Krieken, Robert.

Celebrity society / Robert van Krieken.

London New York : Routledge, 2012.

BJ1470.5 .V36 2012

From cloister to commons : concepts and models for service-learning in

religious studies / Richard Devine, Joseph A. Favazza, and F. Michael

McLain, volume editors.

Washington, DC : American Association for Higher Education, c2002.

BL41 .F76 2002

Luhmann, Niklas, 1927-1998,

A systems theory of religion / Niklas Luhmann ; Edited by Andr*e

Kieserling ; Translated by David A. Brenner with Adrian Hermann.

BL60 .L83513 2013

She who imagines : feminist theological aesthetics / edited by Laurie

Cassidy, Maureen H. O’Connell ; foreword by Elizabeth A. Johnson.

Collegeville, Minn. : Liturgical Press, c2012.

BL65 .A4 S535 2012

Religion and culture : contemporary practices and perspectives / Richard

D. Hecht and Vincent F. Biondo III, editors.

Minneapolis, Minn. : Fortress Press, c2012.

BL65 .C8 R428 2012

Ecological awareness : exploring religion, ethics and aesthetics / edited

by Sigurd Bergmann and Heather Eaton.

BL65 .E36 E36 2011

Rieger, Joerg.

Occupy religion : theology of the multitude / Joerg Rieger and Kwok


Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.

BL65 .J87 R54 2012

Pearson, Carlton.

The gospel of inclusion : reaching beyond religious fundamentalism to the

true love of God and self / Carlton Pearson.

New York : Atria Books, 2008.

BL65 .S62 P43 2008

Price, Daniel E., 1962-

Sacred terror : how faith becomes lethal / Daniel E. Price.

Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, c2012.

BL65 .T47 P75 2012

Religions of the world : an introduction to culture and meaning / Lawrence

E. Sullivan, general editor.

Minneapolis : Fortress Press, [2013], *2013.

BL80.3 .R455 2013

Sacks, Jonathan, 1948-

The great partnership : science, religion, and the search for meaning /

Jonathan Sacks.

New York : Schocken Books, c2011.

BL240.3 .S23 2011

Saunders, Ben, 1968-

Do the gods wear capes? : spirituality, fantasy, and superheroes / Ben


London ; New York : Continuum, c2011.

BL325 .H46 S28 2011

A companion to Greek mythology / edited by Ken Dowden and Niall


Chichester, West Sussex ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.

BL783 .C66 2011

Kindt, Julia, 1975-

Rethinking Greek religion / Julia Kindt.

BL783 .K565 2012

King, Richard, 1966-

Orientalism and religion : postcolonial theory, India and ‘the mystic

East’ / Richard King.

London ; New York : Routledge, 1999.

BL2203 .K56 1999

Hazzard-Donald, Katrina, 1948-

Mojo workin’ : the old African American Hoodoo system / Katrina


Urbana, IL : University of Illinois Press, 2013.

BL2490 .H39 2013

Firestone, Reuven, 1952-

Holy war in Judaism : the fall and rise of a controversial idea / Reuven


New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.

BM538 .P3 F57 2012

Sourdel, Dominique.

A glossary of Islam / Dominique Sourdel and Janine Sourdel-Thomine ;

translated by Caroline Higgitt.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2007.

BP40 .S6813 2007

Lean, Nathan Chapman.

The Islamophobia industry : how the right manufactures fear of Muslims /

Nathan Lean ; foreword by John L. Esposito.

London : Pluto Press ; New York : Distributed in the United States of

America exclusively by Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

BP52 .L43 2012

Razack, Sherene.

Casting out : the eviction of Muslims from western law and politics /

Sherene H. Razack.

Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2008 [i.e. 2007]

BP52.5 .R39 2008

Frank, Allen J., 1964-

Bukhara and the Muslims of Russia : Sufism, education, and the paradox of

Islamic prestige / by Allen J. Frank.

Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2012.

BP63 .R8 F73 2012

Fatoohi, Louay.

Abrogation in the Qur*an and Islamic law : a critical study of the concept

of “naskh” and its impact / Louay Fatoohi.

New York : Routledge, 2013.

BP130.3 .F38 2013

Tlili, Sarra, 1964-

Animals in the Qur’an / Sarra Tlili.

New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012, *2012.

BP134 .N3 T55 2012

Zaman, Muhammad Qasim.

Modern Islamic thought in a radical age : religious authority and internal

criticism / Muhammad Qasim Zaman.

Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.

BP161.3 .Z328 2012

Muslims and others in sacred space / edited by Margaret Cormack.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2013.

BP171 .M867 2013

Bowen, John Richard, 1951-

A new anthropology of Islam / John R. Bowen.

Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.

BP173.25 .B69 2012

Colonial and post-colonial governance of Islam : continuities and ruptures

/ edited by Marcel Maussen, Veit Bader and Annelies Moors.

[Amsterdam] : Amsterdam University Press, c2011.

BP173.6 .C645 2011

Hallaq, Wael B., 1955-

The impossible state : Islam, politics, and modernity’s moral predicament

/ Wael B. Hallaq.

New York : Columbia University Press, c2013.

BP173.6 .H29 2013

O’Rourke, Jacqueline.

Representing Jihad : the appearing and disappearing radical / Jacqueline


London ; New York : Zed Books, 2012.

BP182 .O768 2012

Elias, Jamal J.

Aisha’s cushion : religious art, perception, and practice in Islam / Jamal

J. Elias.

Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2012.

BP190.5 .A7 E45 2012

Cole, Juan Ricardo.

Roots of North Indian Sh*i*ism in Iran and Iraq : religion and state in

Awadh, 1722-1859 / J.R.I. Cole.

Berkeley : University of California Press, c1988.

BP192.7 .I4 C64 1988

Seager, Richard Hughes.

Buddhism in America / Richard Hughes Seager.

New York : Columbia University Press, c2012.

BQ732 .S43 2012

Drescher, Elizabeth.

Click 2 save : the digital ministry bible / by Elizabeth Drescher and

Keith Anderson.

Harrisburg, PA : Morehouse Pub., c2012.

BR99.74 .D73 2012

Kammer, Fred, 1945-

Salted with fire : spirituality for the faithjustice journey / Fred


Eugene, Oregon : Wipf & Stock, c2008.

BR115 .J8 K36 2008

The Blackwell companion to political theology / edited by Peter Scott and

William T. Cavanaugh.

Malden, Mass. : Blackwell, 2007.

BR115 .P7 B634 2007

Pecknold, C. C.

Christianity and  politics : a brief guide to the history / C. C.


Eugene, OR : Cascade Books, 2010.

BR115 .P7 P43 2010

Ward, Graham, 1955-

The politics of discipleship : becoming postmaterial citizens / Graham


Grand Rapids, Mich. : Baker Academic, c2009.

BR115 .P7 W35 2009

Brown, Peter, 1935-

Through the eye of a needle : wealth, the fall of Rome, and the making of

Christianity in the West, 350-550 AD / Peter Brown.

Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2012.

BR162.3 .B77 2012

Wilken, Robert Louis, 1936-,

The first thousand years : a global history of Christianity / Robert Louis


BR162.3 .W55 2012

Brubaker, Leslie,

Inventing Byzantine iconoclasm / Leslie Brubaker.

London : Bristol Classical Press, 2012.

BR238 .B783 2012

Logan, F. Donald.

A history of the church in the Middle Ages / F. Donald Logan.

London ; New York : Routledge, 2013.

BR252 .L64 2013

Bergler, Thomas E., 1964-

The juvenilization of American Christianity / Thomas E. Bergler.

Grand Rapids, Mich. : William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., c2012.

BR526 .B455 2012

Walsh, Carey, 1960-

Chasing mystery : a Catholic Biblical theology / Carey Walsh.

Collegeville, Minn. : Liturgical Press, c2012.

BS544 .W35 2012

Alpert, Bernard.

Archaeology and the Biblical record / Bernard Alpert and Fran Alpert.

Lanham, Md. : Hamilton Books, 2012.

BS621 .A47 2012

O’Regan, Cyril, 1952-

Theology and the spaces of apocalyptic / Cyril O’Regan.

Milwaukee, WI : Marquette University Press, c2009.

BS646 .O74 2009

Bauckham, Richard.

Bible and ecology : rediscovering the community of creation / Richard


Waco, Tex. : Baylor University Press, 2010.

BS660 .B38 2010

Jackson, Melissa A. (Melissa Anne), 1971-

Comedy and feminist interpretation of the Hebrew Bible : a subversive

collaboration / Melissa A. Jackson.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, c2012.

BS680 .W63 J33 2012

Hiers, Richard H.

Women’s rights and the Bible : implications for Christian ethics and

social policy / Richard H. Hiers ; with a foreword by Lisa Sowle Cahill.

Eugene, Or. : Pickwick Publications, c2012.

BS680 .W7 H535 2012

DeSilva, David Arthur.

The Jewish teachers of Jesus, James, and Jude : what earliest Christianity

learned from the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha / David A. deSilva.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.

BS1700 .D47 2012

Moyise, Steve.

The later New Testament writings and Scripture : the Old Testament in

Acts, Hebrews, the Catholic Epistles and Revelation / Steve Moyise.

Grand Rapids, MI : Baker Academic, c2012.

BS2387 .M693 2012

Borg, Marcus J.

Evolution of the Word : the New Testament in the order the books were

written / Marcus J. Borg.

New York : HarperOne, c2012.

BS2409 .B67 2012

Stewart, Eric Clark.

Peter : first-generation member of the Jesus movement / Eric C. Stewart.

Collegeville, Minn. : Liturgical Press, c2012.

BS2515 .S74 2012

Stanton, Graham.

The Gospels and Jesus / Graham Stanton.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.

BS2555.52 .S73 2002

Bock, Darrell L.

A theology of Luke and Acts : God’s promised program, realized for all

nations / Darrell L. Bock.

Grand Rapids, Michigan : Zondervan, c2011.

BS2589 .B63 2011

Barnett, Paul (Paul William)

Following Jesus to Jerusalem : Luke 9-19 / Paul W. Barnett.

Milton Keynes : Paternoster, c2012.

BS2595.52 .B37 2012

Tabor, James D., 1946-

Paul and Jesus : how the Apostle transformed Christianity / James D.


New York : Simon & Schuster, c2012.

BS2653 .T33 2012

Candler, Peter M.

Theology, rhetoric, manuduction, or reading Scripture together on the path

to God / Peter M. Candler, Jr.

Grand Rapids, Mich. : William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., c2006.

BT21.3 .C36 2006

Muers, Rachel.

Modern theology : a critical introduction / Rachel Muers and Mike Higton.

New York, NY : Routledge, c2012.

BT28 .M84 2012

Handbook of U.S. theologies of liberation / Miguel A. De La Torre, editor.

St. Louis, Mo. : Chalice Press, c2004.

BT30 .U6 .H36 2004

Wuthnow, Robert.

The God problem : expressing faith and being reasonable / Robert Wuthnow.

Berkeley : University of California Press, c2012.

BT50 .W88 2012

McClendon, James William,

Systematic theology / James William McClendon, Jr. ; with a new

introduction by Curtis W. Freeman.

BT75.2 .M392 2012

Kirwan, Michael.

Political theology : an introduction / Michael Kirwan.

Minneapolis, MN : Fortress Press, 2009.

BT83.59 .K57 2009

Lloyd, Vincent W., 1982-

The problem with grace : reconfiguring political theology / Vincent W.


Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2011], *2011.

BT83.59 .L56 2011

Phillips, Elizabeth.

Political theology : a guide for the perplexed / Elizabeth Phillips.

London ; New York : T&T Clark International, 2012.

BT83.59 .P55 2012

Political theology and early modernity / edited by Graham Hammill and

Julia Reinhard Lupton ; with a postscript by *Etienne Balibar.

BT83.59 .P64 2012

Wolterstorff, Nicholas.

The mighty and the almighty : an essay in political theology / Nicholas


Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.

BT83.59 .W65 2012

Michener, Ronald T.

Postliberal theology : a guide for the perplexed / Ronald T. Michener.

London ; New York : Bloomsbury, 2013.

BT83.595 .M53 2013

Cobb, John B.

The process perspective II / by John B. Cobb, Jr. ; edited by Jeanyne B.


St Louis, Mo. : Chalice Press, c2011.

BT83.6 .C63 2011

Handbook of process theology / Jay McDaniel, Donna Bowman, editors.

St. Louis, Mo. : Chalice Press, c2006.

BT83.6 .H36 2006

Marion, Jean-Luc, 1946-

God without being : hors-texte / Jean-Luc Marion ; translated by Thomas A.

Carlson ; with a foreword by David Tracy ; and a new preface by Jean-Luc


Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, *2012.

BT102 .M29913 2012

Lotufo, Zenon.

Cruel God, kind God : how images of God shape belief, attitude, and

outlook / Zenon Lotufo, Jr.

Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, c2012.

BT103 .L68 2012

Boyer, Steven D., 1962-

The mystery of God : theology for knowing the unknowable / Steven D. Boyer

and Christopher A. Hall.

Grand Rapids, MI : Baker Academic, c2012.

BT127.5 .B69 2012

Peppard, Michael.

The Son of God in the Roman world : divine sonship in its social and

political context / Michael Peppard.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2011.

BT198 .P467 2011

Oakman, Douglas E.

The political aims of Jesus / Douglas E. Oakman.

Minneapolis : Fortress Press, c2012.

BT205 .O25 2012

Sweet, Leonard I.

Jesus : a theography / Leonard Sweet, Frank Viola.

Nashville : Thomas Nelson, c2012.

BT301.3 .S89 2012

Bock, Darrell L.

Who is Jesus? : linking the historical Jesus with the Christ of faith /

Darrell L. Bock.

New York : Howard Books, 2012.

BT303.2 .B535 2012

Bond, Helen K. (Helen Katharine)

The historical Jesus : a guide for the perplexed / Helen K. Bond.

London ; New York : T & T Clark, c2012.

BT303.2 .B66 2012

Frale, Barbara.

The Templars and the shroud of Christ / Barbara Frale ; [English language

translation by Corporate Translation Services].

New York : Skyhorse Pub., c2012.

BT587 .S4 F7513 2012

Bouyer, Louis, 1913-2004.

Cosmos : the world and the glory of God / Louis Bouyer ; translated by

Pierre de Fontnouvelle.

Petersham, Mass. : St. Bede’s Publications, c1988.

BT695 .B6413 1988

Christie, Douglas E.

The blue sapphire of the mind : notes for a contemplative ecology /

Douglas E. Christie.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2013.

BT695.5 .C497 2013

Deane-Drummond, Celia.

Eco-theology / Celia Deane-Drummond.

Winona, MN : Saint Mary’s Press, 2008.

BT695.5 .D43 2008

Edwards, Denis, 1943-

Ecology at the heart of faith / Denis Edwards.

Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c2006.

BT695.5 .E49 2006

Queer theology : rethinking the Western body / edited by Gerard Loughlin.

Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Pub., 2007.

BT708 .Q44 2007

Robinson, Elaine A., 1959-

Race and theology / Elaine A. Robinson.

BT734.2 .R623 2012

Corey, David D.

The just war tradition : an introduction / David D. Corey and J. Daryl


Wilmington, Del. : ISI Books, c2012.

BT736.2 .C59 2012

Martin, Ralph, 1942-

Will many be saved? : what Vatican II actually teaches and its

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CD ORCH 00670 DISC 1

CD ORCH 00670 DISC 2

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Narrator: Hector Herrera.


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J*urgen Frohriep, Kati Sz*ekely, Erik S. Klein, Werner Dissel, Iv*an

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ukux ulew / written and directed by Frauke Sandig & Eric Black ; produced

by Eric Black and Frauke Sandig, Umbrella Films ; in co-production with


[S.l.] : Umbrella Films, [2011]

Featuring: Josefa “Chepita” Hern*andez P*erez, Floridalma P*erez

Gonz*alez, Carlos Chan K’in Chanuk, Kajkan Felipe Mej*ia Sepet, Alonso



P*aiv*an otsikko : Guatemala = Titular de hoy : Guatemala / Epidem y TV

Finlandia 1983 presentan una pel*icula de Mikael Wahlforss.

[Berlin] : Iskacine, [2011], *2011.


Panssaroituja p*aiv*aunia = Dagdr*ommar = Ensue*nos blindados / Epidem y

TV FInlandia 1983 presentan una pel*icula de Mikael Wahlforssi.

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Stalag Guatemala / Epidem y TV Finlandia 1983 presentan una pel*icula de

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Engine 7 Films production ; co-produced by Chris Baker, Blake DeRoss  ;

produced by Joel Goulder, Jeremy Goulder ; written and directed by Phillip


New York : Virgil Films, [2012]

Narrated by Ryan Gosling.  With Noam Chomsky.


La reina del sur [videorecording] / Telemundo Studios y Producciones RTI

presentan ; versi*on para television, Roberto Stopello ; escrito por

Teodoro Jaimes Bello ; direcci*on general, Walter Doehner.

Universal City, Calif. : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, [2011]

Kate Del Castillo, Humberto Zurita, Rafael Amaya.

DVD-002547 VOL.1

DVD-002547 VOL.2

An evening with the Royal Ballet [videorecording] / British Home

Entertainment Limited in association with the Royal Opera House, Covent

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produced by Anthony Havelock-Allan.

West Long Branch, NJ : Kultur, [2001?]

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Brian Shaw, Souglas Steuart, Virginia Wakelyn, Ann Howard, Ronald

Plaisted, Alexander Grant, Keith Milland, Laurence Ruffell, Leslie

Edwards, Ray Powell, Deanne Bergsma, Derek Rencher, Gerd Larsen; artists

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Kofi Annan [videorecording] : center of the storm / a co-production of

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photographed and directed by David Grubin ; produced by David Grubin and

Sarah Colt.

[Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Home Video, [2006], c2003.


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Jonathan Skurnik.

[S.l.] : New Day Films, c2010.


Peter Grimes [videorecording] / music by Benjamin Britten text by Montagu

Slater, after the poem The borough by George Crabbe ; presented by the

Metropolitan Opera ; a Metropolitan Opera production in association with

PBS and Thirteen/WNET New York ; produced by John Doyle ; directed by Gary


[London] : EMI Classics, [2008]

Anthony Dean Griffey (Peter Grimes) ; Patricia Racette (Ellen Orford) ;

Anthony Michaels-Moore Captain Balstrode) ; Jill Grove (Auntie) ; Felicity

Palmer (Mrs. Sedley) ; Teddy Tahu Rhodes (Ned Keene) ; John Del Carlo

(Swallow) ; Greg Fedderly (Bob Boles) ; Erin Morley, Leah Partridge

(Auntie’s nieces) ; Dean Peterson (Hobson) ; Bernard Fitch (Rev. Horace

Adams) ; Logan William Erickson (Boy (John)) ; Natalie Dessay, host ; The

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus ; Donald Runnicles, conductor.


Peter Grimes [videorecording] / by Benjamin Britten ; text by Montagu

Slater ; a production for television from the Maltings, Snape ; staged by

Joan Cross ; a BBC TV production in conjunction with NET, New York [and]

CBC, Toronto.

London : Decca, 2008.

Peter Pears (Peter Grimes) ; Heather Harper (Ellen Orford) ; Bryan Drake

(Captain Balstrode) ; Elizabeth Bainbridge (Auntie) ; Ann Robson (Mrs.

Sedley) ; Owen Brannigan (Swallow) ; Ambrosian Opera Chorus ; London

Symphony Orchestra ; the composer conducting.


Gloriana [videorecording] / by Benjamin Britten ; libretto, William Plomer

; RM Arts presents, from the London Colosseum, the English National Opera

production of.

Leipzig : Arthaus Musik, [2006]

Sarah Walker (Queen Elizabeth I) ; Anthony Rolfe Johnson (Robert Devereux,

Earl of Essex) ; Jean Rigby (Frances, Countess of Essex) ; Richard Van

Allan (Sir Walter Raleigh) ; Elizabeth Vaughan (Penelope, Lady Rich) ;

Alan Opie (Sir Robert Cecil) ; Neil Howlett (Charles Blount, Lord

Mountjoy) ; Malcolm Donnelly (Henry Cuffe) ; Lynda Russell

(Lady-in-Waiting) ; English National Opera Chorus ; English National Opera

Orchestra ; Mark Elder, conductor.


Tristan et Isolde [videorecording] : drame lyrique en 3 actes / de Richard

Wagner ; un film de Pierre Jourdan ; mise en sc*ene th*e*atrale, Nikolaus

Lehnhoff ; r*ealisation, Pierre Jourdan.

West Long Branch, NJ : Kultur, [2002?]

Birgit Nilsson, Jon Vickers, Ruth Hesse, Walter Berry, Bengt Rundgren,

Horst Laubenthal, Stan Unruh ; Orchestra National de l’O.R.T.F.,

conductor, Karl B*ohm ; Choeurs New Philharmonica de Londres.


The substance [videorecording] : Albert Hofmann’s LSD / Ventura Film ; a

film by Martin Witz.

Brooklyn, NY : Icarus Films, c2011.


The United Nations [videorecording] : it’s more than you think / Cambridge

Career Products presents ; producer/director, Janet Gardner ; writer,

Janet Gardner.

Charleston, WV : Cambridge Educational, c1991.


The bronze screen [videorecording] : 100 years of the Latino image in

Hollywood cinema / Bronze Screen Productions in association with the

Latino Entertainment Media Institute ; producer and director, Susan Racho,

Nancy de Los Santos ; writer, Nancy de Los Santos, Susan Racho.

Chicago : Questar, c2002.

Narrated by Wanda de Jes*us.


Au hasard Balthazar [videorecording] / Argos Films ; produced by Mag

Bodard ; written and directed by Robert Bresson.

[United States] : Criterion Collection, 2005.

Anne Wiazemsky, Fran*cois Lafarge, Philippe Asselin, Nathalie Joyaut,

Walter Green.


Bag it [videorecording] / New Day Films ; Reel Thing Films ; directed by

Suzan Beraza ; produced by Suzan Beraza & Michelle Hill and Alexa Warren ;

written by Michelle Curry Wright.

[New York] : Docuramafilms, [2010]

Featuring Jeb Berrier and Anne Reeser & Wiliam Berrier.


Catfish [videorecording] / Universal ; Relativity Media ; Rogue Pictures

presents a Supermarch*e/Hit the Ground Running production ; a film by

Ariel Schulman & Henry Joost ; executive producers, Ryan Kavanaugh, Brett

Ratner, Tucker Tooley ; produced by Andrew Jarecki & Marc Smerling ;

directed by Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost.

Universal City, CA : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, [2011]

Yaniv (Nev) Schulman, Ariel Schulman, Angela Wesselman.


We need to talk about Kevin [videorecording] / an Oscilloscope

Laboratories and Code Red release ; BBC Films and UK Film Council present,

in association with Footprint Investments LLP, Piccadilly Pictures and

Lipsync Productions, an Independent production in association with Artina

Films and Rockinghorse Films ; a film by Lynne Ramsay ; screenplay by

Lynne Ramsay & Rory Stewart Kinnear ; produced by Luc Roeg, Jennifer Fox,

Robert Salerno ; executive producers, Steven Soderbergh, Christine Langan,

Paula Jalfon … [et al.] ; directed by Lynne Ramsay.

[United States] : Oscilloscope Laboratories, c2012.

Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly, Ezra Miller, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Alex

Manette, Jasper Newell, Ashley Gerasimovich.


Beasts of the southern wild [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures

presents ; in association with Cinereach ; a Cinereach and Court 13

production ; in association with Journeyman Pictures ; produced by Dan

Janvey, Michael Gottwald, & Josh Penn ; screenplay by Lucy Alibar & Benh

Zeitlin ; directed by Benh Zeitlin.

Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2012.

Quvenzhan*e Wallis, Dwight Henry, Levy Easterly, Lowell Landes, Pamela



The best exotic Marigold Hotel [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures

presents ; in association with Participant Media and Imagenation Abu Dhabi

; a Blueprint Pictures production ; produced by Graham Broadbent, Pete

Czernin ; screenplay, Ol Parker ; directed by John Madden.

Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, c2012.

Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton,

Ronald Pickup, Celia Imrie, Dev Patel.


Surviving progress [videorecording] / Cinemaginaire and Big Picture Media

Corp. in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada present ;

director, Mathieu Roy ; co-director Harold Crooks ; produced by Daniel

Louis, Denise Robert.

[New York] : First Run Features, [2012]

Featuring, Stephen Hawking, Margaret Atwood, Jane Goodall, Michael Hudson,

David Suzuki, Craig Venter.


Damsels in distress [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Classics ; Westerly

Films presents a Steeplechase-Analytic production ; produced by Martin

Shafer & Liz Glotzer ; written, produced and directed by Whit Stillman.

Culver City, Calif. : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, c2012.

Greta Gerwig, Analeigh Tipton, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Carrie MacLemore, Adam

Brody, Hugo Becker, Ryan Metcalf, Billy Magnussen.


Off the chain [videorecording] / directed by Bobby J. Brown.

[United States] : Ardustry Home Entertainment, [2005]

Tom Hayden, Eric Sakach, Stephanie Shane.


Jisatsu s*akuru [videorecording] / seisaku, Omega Purojekuto Kabushiki

Kaisha … [et al.] ; kyakuhon, kantoku, Sono Shion.

[Philadelphia, PA] : TLA Releasing, [2006]

Ishibashi Ry*o, Nagase Masatoshi, Kamon Y*oko, Y*o Kimiko, Maro Akaji,



War requiem [video recording] / Benjamin Britten.

[S.l.] : Arthaus Musik, 2012.

Erin Wall, soprano ; Mark Padmore, tenor ; Hanno M*uller-Brachmann,

baritone ; City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra ; CBSO Chorus & CBSO

Youth Chorus ; Andris Nelsons, conductor.


Matters of life and death [videorecording] / a WGBH Science Unit

Production by Production Group, Inc. in association with La Cinqui*eme ;

WGBH Educational Foundation ; written and produced by Larry Klein.

[South Burlington, VT] : WGBH Boston Video, [2005]

Host, Charles Osgood.


The peacekeepers [videorecording] = Le prix de la paix / directed,

photographed and written by Paul Cowan ; producer, Adam Symansky ;

executive producer, *Eric Michel ; production, National Film Board of

Canada in co-production with 13 Production and Arte France.

Montr*eal, QC : National Film Board of Canada, c2006.

English narrator, Karen Feiertag ; French narrator, Christian Brendel.


If a tree falls [videorecording] : a story of the Earth Liberation Front /

A coproduction of Marshall Curry Productions, LLC and the Independent

Television Service (ITVS), with funding by the Corporation for Public

Broadcasting ; in association with Lucky Hat Entertainment, American

Documentary (POV) and the BBC ; directed and produced by Marshall Curry ;

co-directed and produced by Sam Cullman ; written and edited by Matthew

Hamachek, Marshall Curry.

New York, NY : Oscilloscope Laboratories, c2011.

Interviewees: Daniel McGowan, Lisa (McGowan), Tim Lewis, Kirk Engdall, Jim

Flynn, Jenny Synan, Susan Synan, Bill Barton, Leslie James Pickering, Greg

Harvey, Chuck Tilby, Suzanne Savoie, Steve Swanson, Chuck Wert, Don Rice,

Jake Ferguson, Dan McGowan, Lauren Regan, Stephen Peifer.


The Age of the shoguns [videorecording] : (1600-1868) / a co-production of

Antenne 2 … [et al.] ; written and directed by Jean Antoine.

Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, c2004.

Narrator, Robert Lanchester.


The essence of being Japanese [videorecording] / a Films for the

Humanities presentation ; a co-production of Antenne 2 … [et al.] ;

written and directed by Jean Antoine.

Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, [c2004]

Narrator, Robert Lanchester.


El Lazarillo de Tormes [videorecording].

Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, [2002]

Marco Paoletti, Memmo Carotenutto, Juan Jose Menendez, Carlos Casaravilla,

Carlos Pisacane.


Inlaws & outlaws [videorecording] / a Drew Emery film ; produced by Larry

Schlessinger & Lisa Halpern ; produced & directed by Drew Emery ;

executive producer, Robert D. Lemon.

[Seattle, Wash.] : True Stories Project, c2007.

Featuring: Felicia Loud.


Downton Abbey. Seasons one and two [videorecording] / written and created

by Julian Fellowes ; executive producers, Gareth Neame, Rebecca Eaton,

Julian Fellowes ; producer, Liz Trubridge ; a Carnival Films production ;

a Carnival/Masterpiece co-production.

[London] : Carnival Film & Television Limited ; [Alexandria, VA] : PBS

Distribution, c2012.

Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Brown Findlay, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter,

Brendan Coyle, Michelle Dockery, Siobhan Finneran, Joanne Froggatt, Thomas

Howes, Rob James-Collier, Phyllis Logan, Elizabeth McGovern, Sophie

McShera, Lesley Nicol, Amy Nuttall, Maggie Smith, Dan Stevens, Penelope


DVD-002576 SEASON 1

DVD-002576 SEASON 2

The glass menagerie [videorecording] = Glazen speelgoed / Cineplex Odeon

Films, Inc. ; Home Screen.

[S.l.] : ABC Distribution, [2011?].

Joanne Woodward, John Malkovich, Karen Allen, James Naughton.


Ni na bian ji dian [videorecording] / Arena Films presents in association

with Homegreen Films ; screenplay by Tsai Ming-Liang, Yang Pi-Ying ;

directed by Tsai Ming-Liang ; produced by Bruno Pesery ; a Arena Films

Production in association with Homegreen Films, Arte France Cinema with

the participation of French National Center of Cinematography, Alla Film,


New York : Distributed by Wellspring Media, c2002.

Lee Kang-Sheng, Chen Shiang-Chyi, Lu Yi-Ching, Miao Tien, Cecilia Yip,

Chen Chao-Jung, Tsai Guei, Jean-Pierre L*eaud.


Der junge T*orless [videorecording] / Janus Films ; Nora Filmverleih zeigt

eine Gemeinschaftsproduktion der Franz Seitz Film, M*unchen und der

Nouvelles Editions de Films, Paris.

[Irvington, NY] : Criterion Collection, 2005.

Matthieu Carri*ere, Marian Seidowsky, Bernd Tischer, Fred Dietz, Lotte

Ledl, Jean Launay, Barbara Steele.


The girlfriend experience [videorecording] / Magnolia Pictures in

association with 2929 Productions ; an Extension 765 production ; produced

by Gregory Jacobs ; written by David Levien & Brian Koppelman ; directed

by Steven Soderbergh.

[United States] : Magnolia Home Entertainment ; Mongrel Media, 2009.

Sasha Grey, Chris Santos.


Loong Boonmee raleuk chat [videorecording] = Uncle Boonmee who can recall

his past lives / Illuminations Films presents ; a Kick the Machine Films &

Illumiations Films Past Lives production ; in co-production with Anna

Sanders Films ; Match Factory … [et al.] ; written, produced and

directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Culver City, Calif. : Strand Releasing Home Video, [2011]

Thanapat Saisaymar, Jenjira Pongpas, Sakda Kaewbuadee.


Radio on [videorecording] / National Film Archives Collection ; produced

by The British Film Institute and Road Movies Filmproduktion.

Brooklyn, NY : Plexifilm, c2007.

David Beames, Sandy Ratcliff, Lisa Kreuzer, Sting.


Taste of cherry [videorecording] = Ta*m e guilass / Zeitgeist Films

presents an Abbas Kiarostami-CIBY 2000 co-production of a film by Abbas


[Irvington, NY] : Criterion Collection, 1999.

Homayoun Ershadi, Abdolhossein Bagheri, Afshin Bakhtiari, Mir Hossein

Noori, Safar Ali Moradi.


Xala [videorecording] / Filmi Domireew et Soci*et*e nationale

cin*ematographique pr*esentent ; directeur de production, Paulin Soumanou

Vieyra ; *ecrit et r*ealis*e par Sembene Ousmane.

New York, NY : New Yorker Films, [2005]

Thierno Leye, Seune Samb, Younouss Seye, Miriam Niang, Fatim Diagne,

Moustapha Tour*e.


Koroshi no rakuin [videorecording] / Janus Films ; Nikkatsu Kabushiki

Kaisha seisaku ; kikaku, Iwai Kaneo ; kantoku, Suzuki Seijun.

[New York] : Criterion Collection, [2011]

Shishido J*o, Nanbara K*oji, Tamagawa Isao, Mari Annu, Ogawa Mariko,

Minami Hiroshi.


By Brakhage [videorecording] : an anthology : 1954-2001 / [producers,

Peter Becker, Kate Elmore].

[Irvington, NY] : Criterion Collection, c2003.

Featuring a collection of twenty-six films by director Stan Brakhage.


The Apu trilogy [videorecording] / Satyajit Ray Productions ; scripts and

direction by Satyajit Ray.

[South Korea] : PD Entertainment, 2008.

Kanu Banerji, Karuna Banerji, Subir Banerji, Uma Das Gupta, Chunibala,

Pinaki Sengupta, Smaran Ghosal, Shanti Gupta, Ramani Sen Gupta, Soumitra

Chatterji, Sharmila Tagore, Aloke Chakravarty, Swapan Mukherji.


Hero [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents in association with Elite

Group Enterprises Inc., an Edko Films, Zhang Yimou Studio Production in

collaboration with China Film Co-Production Corporation, Sil-Metropole

Organisation Limited and Beijing New Picture Film Co. Ltd., a Zhang Yimou

film ; produced by Bill Kong, Zhang Yimou ; screenplay by Li Feng, Zhang

Yimou, Wang Bin ; directed by Zhang Yimou.

Burbank, CA : Miramax Films : Distributed by Buena Vista Home

Entertainment, [2009]

Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Chen Dao Ming, Donnie Yen.


[REC] [videorecording] / Filmax Entertainment presents a Julio Fern*andez

production for Castelao Productions ; with the special collaboration of

Carlos Lasarte ; produced by Julio Fern*andez ; script, Jaume Balaguer*o,

Luis A. Berdejo & Paco Plaza ; directed by Jaume Balaguer*o & Paco Plaza.

Culver City, Calif. : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2009]

Manuela Velasco, Ferran Terraza, Jorge-Yamam Serrano, Pablo Rosso, David

Vert, Vicente Gil, Martha Carbonell, Carlos Vincente, Ma Teresa Ortega,

Manuel Bronchud, Akemi Goto, Kao Chen-Min, Maria Lanau, Claudia Silva,

Javier Botet, Ben Temple.


The world of American Indian dance [videorecording] / Four Directions

Entertainment, presented by the Oneida Indian Nation ; written by Julia

Brescia and SaSuWeh ; directed by Randy Martin.

Oneida, NY. : Four Directions Entertainment, Inc., 2003.

Narrated by Peter Coyote.


Smokin’ fish [videorecording] / a Kaudi Nuts film ; a movie by Cory Mann,

Luke Griswold-Tergis ; producer, Luke Griswold-Tergis ; directors, Luke

Griswold-Tergis, Cory Mann.

Watertown, MA : Documentary Educational Resources ; c2012.

Cory Mann (Gutchquena Shungukayde).


Private vices, public virtues [videorecording] / Filmes Cinematografica,

Jadran Film co-production ; produced by Monica Ventarini and Giancarlo

Marchetti ; directed by Mikl*os Jancs*o ; written by Giovanna Gagliardo.

[S.l.] : Televista, c2008.

Lajos Bal*azsovits, Pamela Villoresi, Franco Branciaroli, Teresa Ann

Savoy, Laura Betti.


The Archaeology of Jerusalem from David to Jesus [videorecording] /

produced by the Biblical Archaeology Society.

Washington, D.C. : Biblical Archaeology Society, c2007.

Host/narrator, Hershel Shanks.


Reportero [videorecording] / ITVS ; Ford Foundation ; Latino Public

Broadcasting ; Gardens of Paradise Film ; written, directed, shot, and

produced by Bernardo Ruiz.

[New York, N.Y. : SubCine.Com, distributor , 2012].


Pixote [videorecording] : a lei do mais fraco / A New Yorker Films release

; HB apresenta ; argumento/roteiro [= script/screenplay], Hector Babenco e

Jorge Duran ; dire*c*ao [= director], Hector Babenco.

New York : New Yorker Video, c2001.

Fernando Ramos da Silva, Mar*ilia Pera, Jorge Juli*ao, Gilberto Moura,

Jose Nilson Martin dos Santos.


Enter the void [videorecording] / Wild Bunch, Fidelite Films, Bug

Compagne, Les Cinemas de la Zone present a film by Gaspar No*e ; produced

by Brahim Chioua, Vincent Maraval, Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonier, Pierre

Buffin ; writer, Gaspar No*e with the help of Lucile Hadzihalilodic ;

director, Gaspar No*e.

New York : IFC Films : MPI Media Group [distributor, 2010]

Nathaniel Brown, Paz de la Huerta, Cyril Roy, Olly Alexander, Masato



Titicut follies [videorecording] / Bridgewater Film Company, Inc. ;

director and producer, Frederick Wiseman.

Cambridge, MA : Zipporah Films, [2007?]


Can’t hear you knocking [videorecording] / a producer/director, Marianne

Flynner and Mats Egler ; produced by Flynner Film & Video in co-operation

with Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.).

San Francisco, Calif. : H.E.A.R, c2008, 1992.


Listen smart [videorecording] : safely handling the power of sound.

Mount Kisco, NY : Human Relations Media, c2003.


Humpday [videorecording] / Seashel Pictures presents ; a Lynn Shelton film

; written and directed by Lynn Shelton ; producer, Lynn Shelton.

[United States] : Magnolia Home Entertainment, 2009.

Mark Duplass, Alycia Delmore, Joshua Leonard, Lynn Shelton, Trina Willard.


Vanaja [videorecording] / producer, Latha R. Domalapalli ; written &

directed by Rajnesh Domalpalli ; a Varija Films production.

[New York] : Emerging Pictures, c2006.

Mamatha Bhukya, Urmila Dammannagari, Marikanti Ramachandriah.


Fresh [videorecording] / a Ripple Effect production ; produced and

directed by Ana Sofia Joanes.

[Milwaukee, W.I.] : Ripple Effect Productions, c2009 ; New York, NY :

distributed by New Video Group, 2012.

Joel Salatin, Will Allen, David Ball.


I am Cuba [videorecording] / a joint production of Mosfilm and ICAIC ;

directed by Mikhail Kalatozov ; script by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Enrique

Pineda Barnet.

Chatsworth, CA : Image Entertainment, c1999.

Sergio Corrieri, Salvador Vud, Jose Gallardo, Raul Garcia, Luz Maria

Collazo, Jean Bouise.


Bully [videorecording] / Weinstein Company and Where We Live Films present

; a film by Lee Hirsch ; produced by Lee Hirsch and Cynthia Lowen ;

directed by Lee Hirsch.

Beverly Hills, CA : Anchor Bay Entertainment, [2013]


Flash of genius [videorecording] / Intermittent Productions ; Spyglass

Entertainment ; Strike Entertainment ; Universal Pictures ; produced by

Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Michael Lieber ; written by Philip Railsback

; directed by Marc Abraham.

Universal City, CA : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, [2009]

Greg Kinnear, Lauren Graham, Alan Alda, Dermot Mulroney, Bill Smitrovich.

DVD-002605 [videorecording] / D.A. Pennebaker presents an Artisan

Entertainment release, a Pennebaker Hegedus Films and Noujaim Films, by

Chris Hegedus and Jehane Noujaim ; producer, D.A. Pennebaker ; directors,

Jehane Noujaim, Chris Hegedus.

Santa Monica, CA : Artisan Home Entertainment, c2001.

Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, Tom Herman, Kenneth Austin, Tricia Burke, Roy

Burston, David Camp, Jose Feliciano, Julian Herbstein, Christina Ortez.


Working girl [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox ; a Mike Nichols

film ; executive producers, Robert Greenhut and Laurence Mark ; written by

Kevin Wade ; produced by Douglas Wick ; directed by Mike Nichols.

Beverly Hills, Calif. : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2001]

Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Griffith, Alec Baldwin, Joan



The call of the entrepreneur [videorecording].

Grand Rapids, MI : Acton Media, ColdWater Media, c2007.

Robert Sirico.


Wall Street [videorecording] : money never sleeps / Twentieth Century Fox

presents an Edward R. Pressman production ; an Oliver Stone film ;

produced by Edward R. Pressman, Eric Kopeloff ; written by Allan Loeb and

Stephen Schiff ; directed by Oliver Stone.

Beverly Hills, Calif. : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, c2010.

Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan, Eli Wallach,

Susan Sarandon, Frank Langella.


Pirates of Silicon Valley [videorecording] / TNT presents ; a Haft

Entertainment/St. Nick’s production ; produced by Leanne Moore ; written

and directed by Martyn Burke.

Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, [2005]

Noah Wyle, Anthony Michael Hall, Joey Slotnick, John DiMaggio, Josh



The pursuit of happyness [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents ;

in association with Relativity Media ; an Overbrook Entertainment

production ; an Escape Artists production ; a film by Gabriele Muccino ;

produced by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, James Lassiter,

Will Smith ; written by Steven Conrad ; directed by Gabriele Muccino.

Culver City, CA : Columbia Pictures Industries : Distributed by Sony

Pictures Home Entertainment, c2007.

Will Smith (Chris Gardner), Thandie Newton (Linda), Brian Howe (Jay

Twistle), James Karen (Martin Frohm), Dan Castellaneta (Alan Frakesh),

Kurt Fuller (Walter Ribbon), Jaden Christopher Syre Smith (Christopher).


Forrest Gump [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a Steve

Tisch/Wendy Finerman production ; a Robert Zemeckis film.

Hollywood, CA : Paramount Pictures, c2001.

Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, Sally Field.


The boys in the band [videorecording] / a Leo Productions, Ltd.

production, a National General Pictures release, a Cinema Center Films

presentation ; written and produced by Mart Crowley ; directed by Wiliam


Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Home Entertainment, [2008]

Leonard Frey, Kenneth Nelson, Frederick Combs, Cliff Gorman, Laurence

Luckinbill, Keith Prentice, Peter White.


Other people’s money [videorecording] / Warner Bros. presents a Yorktown

production ; screenplay by Alvin Sargent ; produced by Norman Jewsion and

Ric Kidney ; directed by Norman Jewison.

Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, [2005]

Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck, Penelope Ann Miller, Piper Laurie, Dean Jones,

Tom Aldredge, R.D. Call, Mo Gaffney, Bette Henritze.


Argo [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with

GK Films a Smokehouse Pictures production ; produced by Grant Heslov, Ben

Affleck, George Clooney ; screenplay by Chris Terrio ; directed by Ben


Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, [2013]

Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Victor Garber, Tate

Donovan, Clea DuVall, Scoot McNairy, Rory Cochrane, Christopher Denham,

Kerry Bish*e, Kyle Chandler, Chris Messina.


Frankenweenie [videorecording] / Disney presents a film by Tim Burton ;

directed by Tim Burton ; produced by Tim Burton, Allison Abbate ;

screenplay by John August.

[United States] : Disney, [2012]

Voices, Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan,

Atticus Shaffer, Winona Ryder.


Man on fire [videorecording] / Fox 2000 Pictures and Regency Enterprises

present ; a New Regency/Scott Free production ; a Tony Scott film ;

screenplay by Brian Helgeland ; produced by Arnon Milchan, Tony Scott,

Lucas Foster ; directed by Tony Scott.

Beverly Hills, Calif. : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2004]

Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Christopher Walken, Giancarlo Giannini,

Radha Mitchell, Marc Anthony, Rachel Ticotin, and Mickey Rourke.


Nacho Libre [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a Nickelodeon

Movies/Black & White production ; produced by David Klawans, Julia Pistor,

Mike White ; written by Jared Hess & Jerusha Hess & Mike White ; directed

by Jared Hess.

Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Pictures, c2006.

Jack Black, Peter Stormare.


Philadelphia [videorecording] / TriStar Pictures presents a Clinica

Estetico Production ; written by Ron Nyswaner ; produced by Edward Saxon

and Jonathan Demme ; directed by Jonathan Demme.

Culver City, Calif. : Columbia TriStar Home Video, [2000]

Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Jason Robards, Mary Steenburgen, Antonio



Pariah [videorecording] / Focus Features presents ; Northstar Pictures,

Inc and Sundial Pictures present in association with AID+ABET and MBK

Entertainment, Inc ; written and directed by Dee Rees ; produced by Nekisa


Universal City, Calif. : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, [2012]

Adepero Oduye, Pernell Walker, Aasha Davis, Charles Parnell, Sahra

Mellesse, Kim Wayans.


Girl with a pearl earring [videorecording] / Path*e Pictures and Lions

Gate Films present ; in association with UK Film Council ; an Archer

Street/Delux production ; produced with Inside Track ; directed by Peter

Webber ; produced by Andy Paterson, Anand Tucker ; screenplay by Olivia


Santa Monica, Calif. : Lions Gate Home Entertainment, [2004]

Colin Firth, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Wilkinson, Judy Parfitt, Cillian

Murphy, Essie Davis, Joanna Scanlan, Alakina Mann.


Of gods and men [videorecording] = Des hommes et des dieux / Armada Films

et Why Not Productions pr*esentent une coproduction Why Not Productions,

Armada Films, France 3 Cinema ; un film de Xavier Beauvois ; sc*enario,

Etienne Comar ; adaptation et dialogues, Xavier Beauvois, Etienne Comar.

Culver City, Calif. : Sony Pictures Classics, 2011.

Jacques Herlin, Lambert Wilson, Michael Lonsdale, Olivier Rabourdin,

Philippe Laudenbach.


Inhaling the spore [videorecording] : a journey through the Museum of

Jurassic Technology / produced, directed and edited by Leonard Feinstein.

[San Francisco?] : Leonard Feinstein : [Microcinema International,

distributor], c2004.

Appearances by Ricky Jay, Barbara Stafford, John Walsh, Lawrence Weschler,

and David Wilson.


Game of thrones. The complete second season [videorecording] / HBO

Entertainment presents ; Television 360 ; Grok Television ; Generator

Entertainment ; Bighead Littlehead ; written by David Benioff and D.B.

Weiss ; directed by Alan Taylor … [et al.].

Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, 2013

Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Alfie Allen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Michelle

Fairley, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Jack Gleeson.


Common threads [videorecording] : stories from the quilt / Home Box Office

presents ; a Telling Pictures and the Couterie company production ;

directed by Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman ; produced by Bill Couturi*e,

Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman ; writers, Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman,

Cindy Ruskin.

New York, NY : New Yorker Video, c2004.

Featuring Sara Lewinstein, David Mandell, Suzi Mandell, Sallie Perryman,

Vito Russo, Tracey Torrey.


Gods and monsters [videorecording] / Lions Gate Films, Showtime, and

Flashpoint in association with BBC Films present ; a Regent Entertainment

production ; in association with Gregg Fienberg, a Bill Condon Film ;

produced by Paul Colichman, Gregg Fienberg, Mark R. Harris ; written for

the screen and directed by Bill Condon.

[United States] : Lionsgate Home Entertainment, [2003]

Ian McKellen, Brendan Fraser, Lynn Redgrave, Lolita Davidovich, David

Dukes, Kevin J. O’Connor.


Before & after stonewall [videorecording] : the making of a gay and

lesbian community / John Scagliotti, executive producer; Greta Schiller

and Robert Rosenberg, directors; Robert Rosenberg, John Scagliotti, Greta

Schiller, Janet Baus, and Dan Hunt, producers.

[New York, N.Y.] : First Run Features, c2010.


How to survive a plague [videorecording] / Public Square Films presents a

France/Tomchin film ; in association with Ford Foundation/Justfilms,

Impact Partners and Little Punk ; directed by David France ; written by

David France, T. Woody Richman, Tyler H. Walk ; produced by Howard

Gertler, David France.

New York, NY : Sundance Selects : MPI Media Group, [2013]

Featuring Peter Staley and Larry Kramer.


Art:21 [videorecording] : art in the twenty-first century. Season five / a

production of Art21 Inc. ; series created by Susan Sollins and Susan


[New York] : Art21 Inc. ; Alexandria, Va. : Distributed by PBS

Distribution, c2009.

Hosts: Willam Kentridge, Jeff Koons, Yinka Shonibare, Julie Mehretu and



Art:21 [videorecording] : art in the twenty-first century. Season six /

curator, Susan Sollins ; series created by Susan Sollins and Susan


[United States] : PBS Distribution, [2012]


Casa de mi padre [videorecording] / NALA, Pantelion Films, Televisa Films

and Lionsgate present a Gary Sanchez Production ; a NALA Films production

; executive produced by Kevin Messick, Scott Lumpkin, Jessica Elbaum,

Billy Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar, Alex Garcia ; produced by Will Ferrell,

Adam McKay, Emilio Diez Barroso, Darlene Caama*no Loquet, Andrew Steele ;

written by Andrew Steele ;  directed by Matt Piedmont.

Santa Monica, Calif. : Lionsgate, [2012]

Will Ferrell, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Genesis Rodriguez, Pedro

Armend*ariz Jr., Nick Offerman, Efren Ramirez, Adrian Martinez.


Michael [videorecording] / directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer ; written by

Thea Von Harbou and Carl Theodor Dreyer.

[New York, N.Y.] : Kino International Corp., 2004.

Walter Slezak, Max Auzinger, Nora Gregor, Robert Garrison, Benjamin

Christensen, Dider Aslan, Alexander Murski, Grete Moshem, Karl Freund.


The New Testament [videorecording] / Teaching Company.

Chantilly, VA : Teaching Co., 2000.

Lecturer, Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.



The Holy Land revealed [videorecording] / the Teaching Company.

Chantilly, VA : Teaching Co., c2010.

Lecturer: Professor Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina at Chapel




Jesus and the gospels [videorecording] / taught by Luke Timothy Johnson.

Chantilly, VA : Teaching Company, c2004.

Lecturer: Professor Luke Timothy Johnson, Emory University.



Lost Christianities [videorecording] : Christian scriptures and the

battles over authentication / Teaching Company.

Chantilly, VA. : Teaching Co., c2002.

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On This Day in 2003…

On April 25, 2003, exactly 10 years ago from today, The Maroon featured an inspirational article titled, “It’s a sad day when nobody will smile.” Although many of us are either sad to graduate or deal with finals, this article reminds us of the importance of a smile and its reciprocation. No matter what is going on, remember, a smile only encourages positive thinking. Summer is just around the corner!

Blog post by Kristen Blomeyer, Special Collections work-study student and Social Media and Outreach Intern.

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

2013 Extended Study Starts Sunday, April 28

Spring 2013 Extended Study has come and gone.

We’ll be open so that you can study around the clock starting on Sunday, April 28 through Friday, May 10!

Hours will be as follows:

Open continuously from 10am on Sunday, April 28 until midnight on Friday, May 3.

Open 8am-9pm on Saturday, May 4.

Open continuously from 10am on Sunday, May 5 until 4pm on Friday, May 10.

Ten things to know about EXTENDED STUDY

  1. The front doors will be locked at 9pm Sunday-Thursday and at 6pm Friday and Saturday.
  2. During this time, please use the computer lab entrance.
  3. Only members of the Loyola community will be permitted to be in the building when the front doors are locked.
  4. A valid Loyola ID will be required to enter the library.
  5. Study groups should work on the first floor in the Learning Commons or in a group study room.
  6. Group study rooms can be checked out to two or more people. Renewals and reservations are not permitted during this time.
  7. The second and third floors are reserved for quiet study.
  8. Never leave your valuables unattended!
  9. Please help our crew keep the library clean by utilizing trash bins.
  10. Free coffee and tea will be available after midnight!

Good luck with finals!

We Recommend: In the Mood for Love

In The Mood For Love

Directed by Wong Kar-Wai

Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood For Love takes us to Hong Kong in 1962. Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow have just moved next door to each other and soon discover that their spouses are having an affair. They turn to each other for comfort and companionship and a romance develops between them, but they choose not to act as their spouses have. Much of the story is told without dialogue and not everyone will enjoy its slower pace. But it’s a beautifully shot film with amazing music; it’s one of those movies you watch for the experience. And on a personal note, I want to wear all of Mrs. Chan’s amazing dresses.

-Kayla Whitehead, Electronic & Continuing Resources Analyst

Earth Day & Better World Books

Better World Books

Better World Books

Are you a literacy activist who also happens to be environmentally conscious and on a tight student budget? We have just the company for you! The Monroe Library partners with Better World Books, an environmentally friendly used book resale company that also shares proceeds from their sales with several literacy advocacy groups and charities. To top it all off, they have great prices on used books, including textbooks and shipping is usually free! If you haven’t checked them out yet, please do so in honor of Earth Day. Help spread literacy while saving the Earth AND getting a good deal on those costly course books!

Athanasius Kircher Lecture & Book on Display

Author John Glassie, former contributing editor to The New York Times Magazine, will give an inside look into the life and work of “the last Renaissance man,” 17th century Jesuit Athanasius Kircher during a free, public lecture. Glassie will speak about his new book on Kircher, “A Man Of Misconceptions: The Life Of An Eccentric In An Age Of Change,” which focuses on the Jesuit’s achievements in math, the sciences, the humanities and other fields—earning him the moniker, “the Jesuit who knew everything.” The lecture is set for the Audubon Room located in the Danna Student Center on Loyola’s main campus.

The J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe Library will also display a rare 1667 edition of Kircher’s book, “China Monumentis,” an illustrated encyclopedia of Chinese hsitory and culture. The book is available for viewing in the Special Collections reading room Monday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Trish Nugent of the Monroe Library will be on hand to introduce the book.

The event is sponsored by the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences, the College of Music and Fine Arts, Medieval Studies, the J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe Library and the Office of Mission and Ministry.

Date: Monday, April 22, 2013

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Location: Audubon Room, 2nd Floor, Danna Center

Athanasius Kircher

On This Day in 1974…

On April 18, 1974, Loyola’s The Maroon featured headlines from the future election of a new president of Loyola, to a campus wide tenure scare. The most interesting part of the April 4, 1974 The Maroon is a cartoon pictured below. I can safely say this cartoon applies to me and most other seniors, and more than likely most of Loyola with summer just around the corner!

Blog post by Kristen Blomeyer, Special Collections work-study student and Social Media and Outreach Intern.

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

We Recommend: Cajun and zydeco CDs and LPs

Cajun music, and its cousin, zydeco, are musical forms that originated in south Louisiana.  Cajun music ranges from small to large ensembles, from folk to pop, country and rock styles, and is available to hear in the Monroe Library, on CD and LP.  Cajun is usually sung in a local form of French and played on violin, small accordion, guitar, bass, and drums.  Zydeco can be in French or English and features large accordions, electric guitar and bass, rubboard, and sometimes saxophone and trumpet.  There’s a large original group of songs, like the Valse de Bayou Teche and the Eunice two step, with some English pop, rock and country tunes.  We have recordings by giants like Clifton Chenier, BeauSoleil, the Balfa Brothers, and Amedé Ardoin.  We have CD and vinyl recordings; click here to do a catalog search.

National Dance Week

The Loyola Ballet celebrates National Dance Week with performances next Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27. Directed by Laura Zambrano, the performances will mix contemporary and classic works. Moreover, the performances incorporate a celebration of Loyola’s centennial. Both are set for 8 pm in Roussel Hall.

Below are some vintage photographs of performing arts at Loyola. Be sure to check out the Loyola University Photographs Collection for more unique photographs throughout the years.

Blog post by Kristen Blomeyer, Special Collections work-study student and Social Media and Outreach Intern.

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.