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Friend of the Month: Christina Morales

Meet Christina Morales, the Monroe Library’s Friend of the Month!  This program recognizes students who frequently borrow a variety of library materials.

Christina, a senior Marketing and Management major, is from Nicaragua. She decided to come to Loyola because it offers a Jesuit education and the College of Business has a strong reputation. She’s really enjoyed the home-like environment of campus and she hopes to stay in New Orleans after graduation.

Thanks for using the library, Christina!

WE RECOMMEND: Pyongyang, A Journey Into North Korea by Guy Delisle

Pyongyang, A Journey Into North Korea by Guy Delisle
Pyongyang front cover

Guy Delisle’s deadpan graphic memoir of his time working in North Korea is as gentle a reflection on the horrors of totalitarianism as can be imagined. An animator and cartoonist, Delisle is sent by his French employer to oversee cheap fill-in production at a firm in Pyongyang. Most of his time is spent working out ways to alleviate the crushing boredom of life in the panopticon–foreign workers in North Korea are constantly accompanied by guides and translators carefully selected for their party loyalty and overall blandness, exploration beyond obviously and hilariously scripted propaganda events is forbidden and the radio only gets one station.  The art sits solidly in the journalistic/memoir comic fashion, blandly approachable in the style of Marjane Satrapi or Joe Sacco. Detail is sparse but movement and characterization are handled quite well, which helps when depicting a country where too many ill-considered dialogue bubbles could land one in a gulag. The narrator’s interior monologue echoes Art Spiegelman’s wry detachment to a level that can feel almost insensitive when dealing with the forced representatives of the most oppressive regime on the planet. That aside, Pyongyang provides an amusing perspective on a fascinating topic.

- Adam Parker, Learning Technologies Developer

Staff and Faculty Accomplishments

Please join me in congratulating our staff and faculty on the following achievements from August 2010 through May 2011.

Joan Gaulene:  On February 24, 2011 the Jesuit Archives hosted a visit of archivists from Poor Clare communities throughout the U.S. The twelve sisters were in New Orleans for an archives workshop and were interested in visiting the archives of the New Orleans Province of the Society of Jesus because of it size and scope.  They discussed guidelines for collecting and preserving documents and photographs.

Teri Oaks Gallaway:  Presentation “Promoting Electronic Resources at the Point(s) of Need,” February 28, 2011, Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference, Austin, Texas

Sareeca Hoskins:  Hope for Haiti Task Force Benefit Concert; 2010-2011 Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Recipient; Loyola University New Orleans Music Therapy Club, President, Winner of SER-AMTA spirit award, Disturbed relaxation hand outs, participated in College of Music & Fine Arts auditions; Sigma Alpha Iota, President (2010)/Sergent-at-Arms (2011), participated in College of Music & Fine Arts auditions, participate in Wolves on Prowl – Instrument Zoo (annually), McCoy Science and Mathematics Academy aware music grant (2010), recipient of the Pedro Arrupe Award for Social Jusitice (2010).

Elizabeth Kelly:   First academic publication “Music Indexing and Retrieval: Current Problems.” The Indexer, Vol. 28 No. 4, December 2010.    Chamber orchestra piece performed by the Louisiana Composers Forum on September 29, which was then nominated for a Big Easy “Tribute to the Classical Arts” Award

( under “Best Performance of New Classical Music.”

Paul Powell:  named a Fellow of the Hymn Society in the US and Canada at its meeting in Birmingham July 2010, a lifetime achievement award and in recognition of editing of the Dictionary of North American Hymnology which is now online as part of the, indexing more than 5,000 hymnals published in the US & Canada from 1640 to the present.  It is the largest hymnological database in the world.

Brian Sullivan:  Association of College and Research Libraries member of the week for March 21, 2011 (

Congratulations to each and every one of you on your outstanding accomplishments!   – Posted by Jim Hobbs