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What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan provides access to materials not owned or available through the Monroe Library. It’s free for you, and you can learn more here:

How do I log in to the library?

This is a common question, especially from our distance students. You don’t have to log in to use the library catalog (look here for books, ebooks, CDs, scores, and much more) or the library website. You may be asked to log in when you access databases and ebooks.

To log in, use your Loyola email username and password. Your username is the first part of your Loyola email address and passwords follow a pattern.

If you started at Loyola before March 2008, the password pattern will be YYYYMM; that is, the four digit year of your birth followed by the two digit birth month. For example, if you were born in May 1980, your default password would be 198005.

If you started at Loyola after March 2008, the password pattern will be 6 characters long with the 1st 2 characters being the 1st 2 characters of your First Name and the last 4 characters being the last 4 digits of your SSN. For example, Mary Smith with the SSN xxx-xx-3456 will have the password ma3456.

If you can’t log in, check out this page for solutions to problems:

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If there is a topic you’d like us to write about, leave a comment here. We will write about any research or technology related questions you have.