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A Fun Site for Everyday Use!

This Day in History is a nifty website that allows you to…see what happened today in history! On December 8, 1980, John Lennon was shot and killed while entering his apartment. According to the site, “Lennon was considered the intellectual Beatle and certainly was the most outspoken of the four. He caused a major controversy in 1966 when he declared that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus,” prompting mass burnings of Beatles’ records in the American Bible Belt. He later became an anti-war activist and flirted with communism in the lyrics of solo hits like “Imagine,” recorded after the Beatles disbanded in 1970. ”

You can watch a clip of This Day in History here.

Important announcement about group study rooms

Important announcement about group study rooms:

  1. Group study rooms cannot be renewed during midterms, extended study hours, and exams. The two ID/group-use-only policy, will go into effect on Saturday, November 29 (or before 29 if it gets really, really, busy).
  2. With the start of the Spring 2009 semester, group study rooms will be available for groups of 2 to 6 users only (some rooms hold a few more). Two users must be present at the time of checkout, and the group will be asked to present two IDs in order to checkout a room.
  3. This Spring, Group study rooms will also be “bookable.” Please check back to learn how how to reserve a room for your group.

Rocktober Makeover: Turn it up, bring the noise

Out with the old furniture, in with the new! Well, more appropriately, ‘relocate to another floor the old furniture, in with the new’ but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue. It also makes no sense. Anyway, the point is, today is the beginning of the new furniture installation in the Learning Commons! It’s going to be fantastic. It’s going to be amazing. It’s also going to be noisy. Luckily, your intrepid Learning Commons team has come up with has several solutions to help you combat the noise over the next 3 days:

  • Earplugs are available at the Learning Commons desk.
  • Desktop computers are available in the IT labs at the front of the first floor, in the Mac Lab at the back of the first floor, and in the Library Instruction classroom on the second floor. There are also laptops available for checkout at the Learning Commons desk. There are additional computers in the alcoves on the first floor, but these may be too close to the furniture installation to be comfortable. Scanning is available in the Mac Lab, the Library Instruction classroom, and near the microform machines on the first floor.
  • Collaborative study areas are temporarily available on the second floor. Collaborative study areas are also available at the back of the first floor.
  • Quiet study areas are available on the third floor.

And as always, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or cupcakes, please come and pay us a visit at the Learning Commons Desk.

Rock on!


Rocktober Makeover 10/9-10/17

The Learning Commons Rocktober Makeover: Important Dates and Events

–Thursday, October 9th-Friday, October 17th: Computers on the 1st floor temporarily relocated to prepare for new furniture. Color printing now by request.

–Monday, October 13th-Wednesday, October 15th: New furniture installed!

–Thursday, October 16th-Friday, October 17th: New computers installed! Stop by to check out the new IT computers, library graphics stations, scanners, and the new Monroe Library cafe!

Throughout the Roctober Makeover, you may access computers at the following locations:

  • temporary locations in the two first floor alcoves (along Cromwell St.)
  • the three IT labs,
  • the Mac lab at the back of the 1st floor,
  • the Library Instruction Classroom on the 2nd floor (when not previously booked),
  • laptops are available to check out from the LC desk.

Scanning is available in the Mac lab, in the LI classroom, and in a temporary location near the microform machines on the first floor.

Second floor: Beginning Thursday, October 9th and extending through Friday, October 17th, the library will temporarily allow group study and collaboration on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor will continue to be a quiet study area.

Color printing: Beginning Thursday, October 9th, color printing will be available by request at the Learning Commons desk.

The Monroe Library Learning Commons is dedicated to fostering collaborative learning among students, faculty, and staff in a resource-rich and inviting environment.

Revisit Your Childhood

September 24,1991, was the day that he left our land, but don’t be
bland. Turn that frown upside down and celebrate, for
goodness sake! Of course, I am talking about Theodor
Geisel. Who?  Dr. Seuss, you silly goose.

Here are a few simple ways we can share and celebrate the
life of Dr. Seuss:

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are

The Lorax

The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss


Tune into the Presidential Debates at the Monroe Library!

The presidential debates will be televised in the Monroe Library in the following locations: the first floor coffee area, the Living Room, the second and third floor group study rooms, and seminar room #1 on the mezzanine.

The first presidential debate begins this Friday, September 26 at 8pm. The library will remain open till 10pm this Friday, to allow members of the Loyola community to view the debate in its entirety.

Here is the full schedule. All debates begin at 8pm Central Time:

First presidential debate: Friday, September 26 (from the University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS)

Vice presidential debate: Thursday, October 2 (from Washington University, St. Louis, MO)

Second presidential debate: Tuesday, October 7 (from Belmont University, Nashville, TN)

Third presidential debate: Wednesday, October 15 (from Hofstra University, Hempstead NY)

An anecdote: I spelled ‘presidential’ as ‘presedential’ the first time I wrote it, realized it was wrong, and then proceeded to misspell it the other seven times I wrote it. Also, I tried very, very hard to come up with a clever title for this post, and couldn’t. If you have an awesome one, please leave it in the comments section, and I’ll do some renaming.

Blackboard for Evacuation Open Workshop

Okay, So I know that is last minute and all, but in light of the University suspending classes on Friday, I am going to be going over this topic this afternoon, Thurs the 28th, at 2:30 – 3:30 pm in the LI Classroom. Hope to see you there.

With Gustav spinning toward the gulf, are you suddenly regreting not attending any of the Library’s Blackboard workshops over the last few weeks? Well, in the spirit of everyone deserving a second chance, we have set up an additional training session in the Library’s LI classroom on Friday afternoon from 1:30 until 5:00 pm. So please feel free to drop by any time in that window, and we can get you up to speed on the basics of the system, and how to make the best of a hiatus for you and your students.

Using blogs and/or wikis this semester?

Dear Faculty:

This year, we’ll be piloting the new blog / wiki tool in Blackboard. If you plan on utilizing either of these tools in your course(s), please contact me for information regarding our evaluation plan. Next spring, we’ll use your input and suggestions to decide whether to keep this program or seek out alternatives.

Best wishes for the new semester!

Many thanks,

-Brad Petitfils, Instructional Technologist (x. 7132 /

Monroe Library Movie Club

I don’t know about you, but I’m a poor student worker without any extra cash, so I have to manage my money. Watching and renting movies is my favorite thing to do, though!  So how do I do it on a budget?

Netflix and Blockbuster Online seem too-cool-for-school, and I would love to use them! But in reality, it’s yet another monthly expense that I just can’t handle or keep track of. Also, if you’re an on-campus student (like I was the past 3 years), I know that one’s mailbox and residence can change several times per semester…and having yet another piece of mail to change the address on can be an unwanted hassle. (Just keeping your mom updated on your mail box number is stressful enough!)

So I say this to you:  what could be better than a wide range of movie titles of numerous genres, all part of a catalog that is continuously expanding, and free to all Loyola students and members of the community?

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen…I have discovered that The J. Edgar & Louise S. Monroe Library Learning Commons has all of the above (and more!)  When I have a specific movie in mind, I look it up in the Online Catalog (located on the library’s home page.) If all I know is that I’ve got popcorn to pop and a hankering to escape from studying, I go in to the Learning Commons and browse the “Library DVD List” binder at the front desk or go straight to the DVD shelves (to the left of the computer cluster on the 1st floor) and peruse titles. Students (that includes you, Law, Nursing, and Grad students!) have a 3-night checkout for all the green-dotted DVDs and VHS tapes…and I don’t know about you, but three nights is plenty of time to find an hour for procrastination.

Also, don’t fret! The DVDs are not all “boring” educational films. The Learning Commons has indie films (“Amelie”), classic movies (“Some Like It Hot”), chick-flicks (“Pride & Predjudice”), action films (“V for Vendetta”), foreign films (“Volver”), documentaries (“Sicko”), musicals (“Chicago”), and the list goes on and on. They even have random fun DVD collections to watch, such as the complete seasons of “Six Feet Under,” “30 Rock,” or “Bridezillas.”

The moral of this story is: “Don’t pay when you don’t have to.” Discover the entertainment goodness the Monroe Library Learning Commons has to offer! Imagine…you can start checking out movies, and only have to pay for the popcorn and drinks! Check one out today. I’m most likely sitting at the desk, waiting to help you. :)


International Cooperation

I don’t know about you, but the Olympics always bring out my international cooperation side. Which is a fancified way of saying that for 30 minutes every night until the closing ceremonies I’ll have the inexplicable urge to ditch work, learn all 6 official languages of the UN, and go take a job as a diplomat. Never mind that the closest I’ve ever come to international diplomacy is having both Taco Bell and Domino’s be part of the same dinner.

So, it’s that time again, and this time, I decided I’m going to make a legitimate attempt to learn a language- by reading magazines. Turns out, the Monroe Library has a super-sweet collection of foreign language magazines, newspapers, and journals. Interested in learning Spanish? Check out El Pais. German? Well, I think Stern Magazine is for you. And if French is more your thing, have a look at Paris Match, a French tabloid that I am pretty certain has had either Nicolas or Carla Sarkozy on the cover every issue for the last 6 months. There’s plenty more, too. Here’s how you look up foreign language periodicals in the catalog.

Of course, I act like I know this stuff off the top of my head, but in the ‘There’s no such thing as a stupid question’ department, I actually asked Beth how to do this. Beth, being a super-awesome reference librarian, happily complied, and now I’m taking credit for it. Anyway….

1) Go to the Library’s full catalog.

2) Under the search box, click ‘Advanced Search.’

3) In the drop down box marked ‘Language,’ pick the language you want to search for. In the drop down box marked ‘Material type,’ select ‘Periodical.’

4) Hit search, and presto! A list of periodicals in a given language!

Neat. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear some Thai food calling my name.