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Get It! and Journal Finder will be out May 1

The Get It! and Journal Finder services will be out starting Friday, May 1 at 9:00 pm.  The company that supplies these services is performing maintenance on the services that will last about two hours, according to them.  All databases will continue to work during this time.  It is possible that the update may take less time or more time than they are projecting.  They will not be notifying us when service is restored.

Now more local newspaper articles online!

We have recently added the New Orleans Advocate newspaper and Times-Picayune web-only content to our America’s News subscription. The New Orleans Advocate articles are often unique and don’t always appear in the Baton Rouge Advocate, which was always included in our America’s News subscription.  Give it a try to locate more local information!

Open Access Week

Oct. 20 through 26 is Open Access Week.  Open Access is the free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research.  It has positive implications for publishing scholars and for students looking for free, high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship. Visit the Monroe Library’s Open Access guide and the Open Textbook guide for more information. video training has arrived is here!

The video computer training service is now at the Monroe Library!  It has over two thousand videos on audio, business, CAD, design, photography, video, and the web, like using Pintrest for your band or personal branding basics.  You’ll find how-tos for all Microsoft Office components, as well as software from companies like Adobe.

There are two workstations, one for students and another for staff and faculty.  The student station is a Macintosh, just outside the Media Services offices on the first floor.  The staff and faculty station is in Monroe Library Room 109.  The key for this room can be checked out at the Learning Commons Desk on the first floor, or reserved in advance by contacting Brian Sullivan at  We encourage users to be mindful of others who want to use the service and limit your time intelligently.  Questions go to Jim Hobbs at or 504-864-7126.