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Friend of the Month: Ashley Abendschein

Meet Ashley Abendschein, the Monroe Library’s Friend of the Month! This program recognizes students who frequently borrow a variety of library materials.

Tell us about yourself: I’m from Texas, near Austin. I came to Loyola to play volleyball, but then I got injured. Since then, I’ve had time for other things and I’ve become more involved. I chose Loyola because of its small-school atmosphere and its strong academics. I’m a senior and my major is Marketing.

How do you use the library? I’m constantly borrowing laptops right now because mine is getting repaired. I check out group study room keys and on the weekend, I check out DVDs.

How can the library help further student success? It took me a while to realize what the library offers. As a freshman, you kind of have to step out of your comfort zone to learn what available to you. Lots of students don’t realize the extent of the resources available to them in the library, even some seniors!

Thanks for using the library, Ashley!

Friend of the Month: Christina Morales

Meet Christina Morales, the Monroe Library’s Friend of the Month!  This program recognizes students who frequently borrow a variety of library materials.

Christina, a senior Marketing and Management major, is from Nicaragua. She decided to come to Loyola because it offers a Jesuit education and the College of Business has a strong reputation. She’s really enjoyed the home-like environment of campus and she hopes to stay in New Orleans after graduation.

Thanks for using the library, Christina!

Friend of the Month: Marlin Williford

Name: Marlin Williford

Year: Sophomore

Major: Mass Communication

Who is Marlin?

Marlin is from California.  He chose to come to Loyola because he got the best scholarship and New Orleans is a very interesting city.  So far, he loves the city—there’s great people and great food!

How he uses the library:

Marlin checks out laptops and course reserves.  He also works in the library, so he knows where to find what he needs!

How can the library help to further student success?

Marlin says “it’s a pretty good library and they’re good at giving students what they need.”  He finds the library’s hours very helpful, especially at night.

Friend of the Month: Damir Durmo

Name: Damir Durmo

Year: Senior

Major: Finance management

Minor: International Business

Who is Damir?

Damir is from Sarajevo, Bosnia. He came to Loyola in 2008 on a basketball scholarship. He says that choosing Loyola is probably the best decision he’s ever made–he’s having a great time and his education will help him get a job “somewhere in the world” after graduation.  He’s really thankful to all the people that helped him come to Loyola.

How he uses the library:

Damir checks out laptops, DVDs, reserve books for classes, and other library materials.  He also prints everything that he needs for his classes.

How can the library help to further student success?

The library could place more emphasis on recycling.  There’s a lot paper waste that could go in the recycling bins.  Also, the computers in the Learning Commons could use an update.

Friend of the Month: Uriel Carrasco

Name: Uriel Carrasco

Year: Sophomore

Major: Music Industry Studies

Minor: Business

Who is Uriel?

Uriel came to Loyola from Dallas because of the Music Industry Studies program in addition to the business school.  Besides the academic programs at Loyola, New Orleans is a good city for music!

How he uses the library:

Uriel frequently borrows a Macbook because many of his classes require him to use Mac software.  He also uses marketing databases that would otherwise be really expensive to access.  He does most of his studying on the second floor because he can get the most work done there.  He says the first floor is like social hour!

How can the library help to further student success?

New printers would be really nice.  Sometimes they can be frustrating because the job doesn’t send or the printer is out of order.

Friend of the Month: Jessica Duhamel

Name: Jessica Duhamel

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology & Pre-Med

Who is Jessica?

Jessica is a transfer student originally from Maine.  She has a two-year-old son and is interested in pursuing a career in animal science with the intention of going on to grad school after she finishes her studies at Loyola. Jessica made the Dean’s List in the fall semester and attributes this accomplishment to developing a daily routine, which includes studying at the Monroe Library.

How she uses the library:

Jessica is an early-riser and a regular user of the study rooms in the library.  She describes the building as her “second home” and prefers the quieter locations.  She is a fan of the printing availability in the library and uses the Learning Commons to work on group projects.

How can the library help to further student success?

Sometimes Jessica would like to be able to check out study rooms for longer periods of time, but is conflicted because she realizes that in the end it may make it more difficult for her and others to get a study room when they need it.  She thinks that having more laptops would be an improvement.  Since she spends a lot of time in the library, she prefers to have more comfortable chairs like the striped ones on the third floor.  She also mentioned that having blinds on the exterior windows of the study rooms would help her see her computer screen on sunny mornings and afternoons.

Thanks for using the library, Jessica!

Friend of the Month: Sarah Wagner

Friend of the Month: Sarah Wagner
Name: Sarah Wagner

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

Minors: Business

Who is Sarah?

Sarah is from Nashville and came to New Orleans on a whim.  She plans to stay in New Orleans for a while after graduation because there is still so much to explore.

How she uses the library:

Sarah enjoys using the library because it has a lot of unique features that other libraries don’t have.  She checks out laptops frequently, takes naps on the couches and peruses old Life magazines for fun.  She’s glad that Loyola has one of the best libraries in the nation!

How can the library help to further student success?

Everyone is always very helpful in the library (especially Hilary) and the librarians are always a great help with research.  It would be great if the library had more beanbags!  People always move them around.  One time she found a beanbag tucked away in the stacks—she went back the next day because it was actually a good place to study.

Thanks for using the library, Sarah!

Friend of the Month: Tanja Brown

TanJa Brown

Name: Tanja Brown

Year: Senior

Major: English Writing

Who is Tanja?
After finishing her associates degree at Delgado, Tanja entered Loyola University as a senior. She loves to read and write and is excited to be in Dr. Biguenet’s Writing Poetry and Writing Fiction workshops this semester. Tanja is a writer by trade, and plans to get her masters at UNO in English Teaching so she can eventually teach at the college level.

How she uses the library:
Tanja mostly uses the library to study. Although the first floor is loud, she is able to find a quiet spot on the third floor to study. Tanja likes the wide variety of books the library has to offer, from academic to leisure reads.

How can the library help to further Tanja’s success?
More study rooms! She also thinks it would help if the library ordered more copies of the items that teachers frequently put on reserve.

Thanks for using the library, Tanja!