Collection Development

The Monroe Library's collection supports the curriculum at Loyola University New Orleans. At present, the curriculum emphasizes an undergraduate, liberal-arts education, with some degrees at the master's level. The curriculum focuses the collection's development, but does not restrict it. Through its Common Curriculum and its wide range of courses in all the colleges and disciplines, the curriculum spans all the areas that comprise a solid educational foundation. The library's collection not only adheres to current courses; in many subjects, it anticipates curricular developments.

At no point does the library limit itself by type or format of material. In some disciplines, emphasis may turn more dramatically in one direction over another. Journals may predominate in the sciences; books in the humanities. Some subjects may rely heavily on electronic media or online sources. In all cases, the needs of the library's users cast the deciding vote on the type and format of material.

In regards to gifts, the Monroe Library accepts individual items and collections which support and enhance the existing collection. There are select formats which the library does not actively collect, and thus donations in those formats may not be accepted.

When reviewing electronic products, the library considers the potential users, the assignments it would support, the educational goals of its use, whether we currently have products that would meet the need, and the type of products it is. We will also look at the scope and time period covered as well as the usability of the interface.