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Team-Based Organization

Monroe Library Organization

The Monroe Library is a team-based organization that engages in a continuous process of organizational renewal. As a learning organization, we regularly re-examine our structure and work patterns to ensure that we remain flexible and are able to respond effectively to the needs of our users.

Below is a description of the library organization.

Public Services Teams

Deborah Poole, Dean of Libraries
Interlibrary Loan / Distance Library Services Team

Members: Jessica Perry, Michael Truran.

Learning Commons Team

Members: Susan Brower, Victoria Elmwood, Michael Truran.

Media Services Team

Members: Susan Brower (leader), Fanny Friadt, Meredith King.

Online Learning Team

Members: Dan Guo, Jim Dugan, Eric Wiltz.

Teaching and Learning Team

Members: Jason Ezell (leader), Victoria Elmwood, Elizabeth Kelly, Trish Nugent, Laurie Phillips, Deborah Poole, Lucy Rosenbloom, Michael Truran.

Technology Team

Members: Susan Brower (leader), Jason Ezell, Elizabeth Kelly, Meredith King, Laurie Phillips.

Web Team

Members: Elizabeth Kelly (leader), Victoria Elmwood, Meredith King, Jessica Perry, Lucy Rosenbloom, Michael Truran.


Technical Services Teams

Laurie Phillips, Associate Dean
Acquisitions/Cataloging Team

Members: Laurie Phillips (leader), Evonne Lawrence, Alex Mendoza, Lucy Rosenbloom.

Information Resources Team

Members: Laurie Phillips, Deborah Poole, Lucy Rosenbloom.

Reserves Team

Members: Laurie Phillips (leader), Evonne Lawrence, Jessica Perry.


Members: Evonne Lawrence, Laurie Phillips.


Administrative Teams

Deborah Poole, Dean of Libraries
Special Collections and Archives Team

Members: Trish Nugent (leader), Kure Croker, Joan Gaulene, Elizabeth Kelly

Steering Group

Members: Deborah Poole (leader), Susan Brower, Evonne Lawrence, Trish Nugent, Jessica Perry, Laurie Phillips.