Victoria Elmwood

Instruction and User Experience Librarian, Assistant Professor

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Monroe Library
Office Location
Monroe Library Room 103
Mailing Address
Campus Box 198
6363 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118
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E-mail Address
Liaison Areas
English, Languages & Cultures, Loyola Institute for Ministry (LIM), and Religious Studies


Dr. Victoria Elmwood is the User Experience and Outreach Librarian at Monroe Library, and she also serves as the library’s liaison for English, Languages and Cultures, the Loyola Institute for Ministry, and Religious Studies. A long-time freshman composition teacher, Dr. Elmwood works closely with composition instructors as well as First-Year Seminar instructors to help integrate library skills and information literacy into the Loyola Core. She is particularly interested in best practices for teaching students how to effectively evaluate web sources in both academic and personal contexts.

As Outreach Librarian, Victoria’s work with students extends to her collaboration with the Student Success Center on issues of mindset and motivation, academic integrity, and tutor training. She also manages outreach to student and faculty users through print and digital materials, including social media. Her expertise in design extends to user experience in digital environments. She is currently working on novel approaches to assessing user experience for the library’s ongoing website development plans.

A former English professor, she holds a combined Ph.D. in English and American Studies from Indiana University – Bloomington, where she wrote a dissertation on mid-to-late 20th-century countercultural masculinity in American autobiography. Her work on American literature and mass media has appeared in edited collections as well as in journals such as Biography, Film and History, Soundings, Western American Literature, and College English.

Her work on information literacy and librarianship has appeared in edited collections published by the Association of College and Research Libraries and in the Journal of New Librarianship. She is a regular reviewer of books on Cold War American literature and culture for ChoiceConnect. She has also presented at conferences such as the MLA, the Georgia International Conference of Information Literacy, the LOUIS Users’ Conference, and the Library of Congress SOURCES conference.

In addition to her academic career, Dr. Elmwood also spent several years as a high school teacher, a proofreader and copy editor, and a union organizer.


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