Advisory Groups

Library Liaisons

The Monroe Library's liaison program links a member of the library faculty with an academic department or college. In this role the librarian liaison has a number of responsibilities:

  • to make departmental faculty aware of library services and collections
  • to coordinate the selection and ordering of books, periodicals, and other materials and information services in the department's discipline or subject area
  • to facilitate and promote use of the library's instructional program by departmental faculty
  • to promote communication with the department's faculty and students

The table below includes contact information for departmental and librarian liaisons. Click on the department or college name for information on the library's resources in that subject area. Please contact your librarian liaison if you have questions about the library and its collections and services.

Subject Area Librarian Liaison Extension Departmental Liaison Extension
Biological Sciences Jim Hobbs 7126 Frank Jordan 3829
Business Elizabeth Kelly 7047 Karen Arnold 7949
Chemistry Jim Hobbs 7126 Kathleen Crago 3268
Criminal Justice Teri Gallaway 7838 Rae Taylor 2041
Counseling Elizabeth Kelly 7047 LeAnne Steen 7855
English Brian Sullivan 7092 Tim Welsh 3494
History Malia Willey 7138 Sara Butler 2099
Institute for Ministry Brian Sullivan 7129 Evelyn Thibeaux 2695
Languages and Cultures Mary Finnan Hines 7118 Blanca Anderson 3687
Mass Communication Malia Willey 7138 Leslie Parr 3649
Mathematics Jim Hobbs 7126 Katarzyna Saxton 3440
Music Laurie Phillips 7833 Valerie Goertzen 2207
Music Industry Elizabeth Kelly 7047 John Snyder 3984
Nursing Derrick Jefferson 7133 Gwen George 3986
Philosophy Brian Sullivan 7129 Patrick Leland 3940
Physics Jim Hobbs 7126 Patrick L. Garrity 3644
Political Science Mary Finnan Hines 7118 Natasha Bingham 2794
Psychology Jim Hobbs 7126 Kim Ernst 3560
Religious Studies Brian Sullivan 7129 Terri Bednarz 3059
Sociology Teri Gallaway 7838 Tony Ladd 3640
Theatre Arts & Dance Laurie Phillips 7833 Elizabeth Parent 3524
Visual Arts Laurie Phillips 7833 Karoline Schleh 5794

Interdisciplinary and Special Programs

Subject Area Librarian Liaison Extension Departmental Liaison Extension
African and African American Studies Malia Willey 7138    
American Studies Malia Willey 7138    
Asian Studies Malia Willey 7138    
Catholic Studies Brian Sullivan 7129    
Environmental Studies Teri Gallaway & Jim Hobbs 7838 / 7126    
Film Studies Laurie Phillips 7833    
Honors Program Teri Gallaway 7838 Naomi Yavneh 3442
Latin American Studies Mary Finnan Hines 7118    
Legal Studies Mary Finnan Hines 7118    
Liberal Studies - Humanities Malia Willey 7138    
Liberal Studies - Social Sciences Teri Gallaway 7838    
Medieval Studies Trish Nugent 7092    
Middle East Peace Studies Malia Willey 7186 Behrooz Moazami 2162
Women's Studies Trish Nugent 7092