Advisory Groups

The Monroe Library has several advisory groups, which serve to provide feedback, guidance, and support to the library. If you are interested in joining one of these advisory groups, please contact Dean Deborah Poole at 504-864-7047 or

Student Library Advisory Committee (SLAC)

Students from across campus meet with the Monroe Library Dean and other staff to provide feedback on issues of interest and concern to students. The library has implemented several SLAC suggestions, including prioritizing use of the library during finals for Loyola students, making earplugs available for students that enjoy the first floor environment but want to tune out some of the activity, and turning the third floor copy room into an additional group study room.

Library Visiting Committee

This mission of the Library Visiting Committee is to support the library's central role in advancing teaching and research at Loyola. Members of the Visiting Committee will advise the dean on ways the library can achieve its goals, serve as advocates for the library in the community, and support the library's fund raising programs.

University Library Committee

The University Library Committee has the responsibility to advise the Dean of Libraries and the faculty and staff of the Monroe Library on matters of general policy, procedures, goals, and objectives. It is comprised of faculty representatives from each of the colleges as well as student representatives.